Defining Moments Nusrat ji's Art Odyssey

  • Defining Moments Nusrat ji's Art Odyssey
  • Year: 2012
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Author :  Mohsin S. Jaffri

Publisher : Pakistan Art Institute

Year of Publication : 2012

Pages : 246

Binding : Hard Bound

Contents :


Author’s Note


Down The Memory Lane

Art, Artist and Environment

The Beginning

Style and Statement

The journey

Exhibitions, Achievements and Rewards

Subjective Approach in Painting

Thar Series

Sketches and Drawings

Folk Life of Pakistan Series

Finer Points

Folk Tales of Pakistan Series

Wider Horizon

Mural Paintings Series

Moving on

Images of Pakistan Series

Mother and Child Series

Birds Series

Riverscape and Seacape Series

Calligraphy series

Views and Reviews

Environment Series

Architectural Inspiration

Face Studies

Pictorial Gallery

Interacting with Pioneers

Nusratji’s Art Exhibitions Shows

In Pakistan and Abroad

Local Awards

Sharing Moments

About the Artist

Artist’s Statement 

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