Civil Service Laws

  • Civil Service Laws
  • Year: 2012
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Publisher : Imran Law Book House

Author : Mazhar Ilyas Nagi

Year of Publication : 2012

Binding : Hard Bound


Chapter-I Constitutional Guarantees

Chapter II "Civil Servant " and "Service of Pakistan"

Chapter III Appointments to service of Pakistan

Chapter IV Probation and Confirmation

Chapter V Pay and Allowances

Chaper VI Seniority and Promotion

Chapter VII Deputation

Chapter VIII Posting and Transfer

Chapter IX Annual Confidential Reports

Chapter X Efficiency and Discipline

Chapter XI Resignation

Chapter XII Retirement

Chapter XIII Pension

Chapter XIV Departmental Rules and Regulations

Chapter XV Departmental Appellate Forum

Chapter XVI Service Tribunals

Chapter XVIII Appeals to Supreme court

Chapter XIX Limitation and Condonation of delay

Chapter XX Constitutional Jurisdiction

Chapter XXI Binding Nature of Judgement

Chapter XXII Administration of Justice

Chapter XXIII Theory of Master and servant

Chapter XXIV Natural Justice

Chapter XXV Mala Fide

Chapter XXVI Discretionary Power

Chapter XXVII Locus Poenitentiae

Chapter XXVIII Res Judicata

Chapter XXIX Acquiescence,Waiver and estoppel