Environmental Laws of Pakistan

  • Environmental Laws of Pakistan
  • Year: 2006
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ISBN No : 969-8761-06-3

Author : Jawad Hassan 

Publisher : Book BIz Lahore Pakistan 

Year of Publicatoin : 2006 

Pages : 358

Binding :Hard Bound 

Contents : 

Sections 1 

Preamble Existing Environment Laws 

Sections 2

Definitions Agricultural Waste Relevant laws 

Sections 3

Establishment of the Pakistan Environmental Protection Council Comments 

Sections 4

Functions and Power of the Council Strategies

Sections 5

Establishment of the Pakistan

Sections 6

Functions of the Federal Agency NEQS ( Self Monitoring and Reporting by Industry ) Rules 2001

Sections 7

Power of the Federal Agency Environment Samples Rules 2001

Sections 8

Establishment of Power and functions of Protections Agencies

Sections 9

Establihment of the Provincial Sustain Development Funds ( Utilization) 2002

Sections 10

Management of the Provincial Sustainable  Development Funds ( procedure ) Rules 2001

Sections 11

Prohibition of Certain Disharges

Sections 12

Initial Environmental Examination and Environmental impact assessment

Sections Prohibition of impact of Hazardous waste Relevant Laws

Sections 14

Handing of Hazardous Substances  Hazardous substance rules 1990 Relevant laws

Sections 15

Reguation of motor Vehicles Relevant Laws

Sections 16

Environmental Protection Order Precautionary Principle Case Law

Sections 17

Penalties Adminstrative Penalty Rules 2003

Sections 18

Offences by Bodies Corporate Case law

Sections 19

Offences by Government Agencies Local Authorities

Sections 20

Environmental Tribunals Case law rules 2000

Sections 21 

Jurisdiction and power  of Environmental Tribunals

Sections 22 

Appeals to the Environmental Tribunal 

Sections 23 

Appeals From order of the Envirmental Tribunal 

Sections 24 

Jursdiction of Environmental Magistrates Case law 

Sections 25 

Appeals from orders of Environmental Magistrates 

Sections 26 

Power of delegates 

Sections 27 

Power to give Directions 

Sections 28 


Sections 29 

Dues Recoverable as areas of land Revenue 

Sections 30 

Act to Override other laws 

Sections 31 

Power of make rules 

Sections 32 

Power to the amend the Schedule 

Sections 33 

Power to make Regulations case law 

Section 34 Repeal, Savings and Succession Schedule