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ISBN : 9789696370628

Author : Major General Syed Mustafa Anwer Husain

Publisher : PARAMOUNT

Year : 2015

Pages : 570

Binding : Hard Cover 

Description : 

Couldn't Have Been Better - My Life Story by Major General Syed Mustafa Anwer Husain is a very interesting and enjoyable book to read, written by the author primarily for his family members to serve as a record with them of their elders. It will also benefit a few senior and junior officers to understand how to conduct themselves in different situations. Other readers can amuse themselves with numerous anecdotes that appear in the book.
The author mentions about the contribution of his parents on being awarded scholarships for further studies at Oxford University, England. Consequently, the author was born in Oxford, which subsequently enabled him to apply for dual nationality after his retirement from the Army. On return to Hyderabad-Deccan in India, his parents ensured that his early childhood was not neglected due to absence of proper schools in the districts where his father served. Instead he was left in the care of his maternal grandmother, who ensured that he along with, his sister went to a good English medium school in Hyderabad city. She was also instrumental in seeing to his moral training and character building. His parents' other contribution was to send him to two prestigious boarding schools in Dehra Dun, namely Doon School and Welham Prep School according to his age. His achievements in academic, sports and extracurricular activities are well documented.
His father migrated to Pakistan due changed political scene in India and rest of the family joined him in Lahore a year later. He continued his studies in St Anthony's High School and at Forman Christian College. Although his father wanted him to become an oil technologist and/or petroleum engineer, he chose Army as a career to be independent soon. After initial training in Pakistan, he was selected for further training abroad and eventually graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in England. He was commissioned in 4/13 Frontier Force Rifles, followed by service with the Special Service Group. He then served in three other battalions of Frontier Force Regiment namely 2FF (Guides), 11 and 35 FF, where in the last two he was a Commanding Officer. He graduated from Command & Staff College, Quetta and from Command & Staff College, Bandung, Indonesia. Prior to the last course mentioned, he attended the Basic and Advance courses in Indonesian Language. Finally he graduated from National Defence College, Rawalpindi and proceeded to England for postgraduate studies from London University. During service in the Army lasting thirty years, he held the best possible appointments from the rank of Captain to Major General.
His post retirement period was mostly devoted to the Doon School Society of Pakistan for thirteen years in different appointments held simultaneously to establish a fully residential boarding school for boys, a similar school for girls, a coed college and a university, all on a 450 acres campus. Only Chand Bagh School for boys came up while he was there, other institutions are yet to come up despite a lapse of seventeen years since his services were terminated. His last assignment was with Pakistan Foreign Service as Ambassador of Pakistan in Indonesia for six years in one go. He now spends his time in a peaceful atmosphere of a farmhouse outside Lahore, where he does some farming and assists few residents of nearby village in finding jobs for them or in development work of upgrading roads, schools and so on.


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