Avicenna's Deliverance: Logic

  • Avicenna's Deliverance: Logic
  • Year: 2011
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ISBN : 9780195479508

Publisher : OXFORD 

Year : 2011

Pages : 228

Binding : Hard Cover 

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This book offers for the first time a complete scholarly translation, commentary, and glossary in a modern European language of the logic section of Ibn Sīnā's (d. 1037 ce) very important compendium al-Najāt (The Deliverance). The original, written in Arabic, is the product of the middle period of the most renowned Muslim philosopher and physician, known in the Latin West as Avicenna. Avicenna's logical system took as its starting point the Aristotelian and the Peripatetic tradition, but diverged from these in fascinating and original ways. The system presented by him became the standard of reference and focus of further elaboration, debate, and innovation in the Islamic scholarly tradition, deeply influencing both the 'traditional religious' sciences (such as theology and law) and the naturalized Greek system (such as metaphysics). Because the Najāt is both comprehensive and relatively terse, this translation, which has been the diachronic subject of study in various madāris and has a number of attached commentaries and glossaries, will be useful to those who do not read Arabic, but who wish to gain an overview of Avicenna's logic.

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