Creative Dimensions of Iqbal' S Thought

  • Creative Dimensions of Iqbal' S Thought
  • Year: 2012
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Author : Dr.Nazir Qaiser

Publisher : Iqbal Academy Pakistan

Year of Publication : 2012

Binding : Hardback


1-Was Iqbal a Pantheist ?

2-Was Iqbal influenced by Nietzsche

3-Why Iqbal regarded Rumi as his Guide ?

4-An Evuluative study of iqbal and Rumi

5-Iqbal Philosophy of Self Determinism and Genetics

6-Iqbal's view of Human Evolution

7-Voluntarism of schopenhauer and iqbal

8-The Sources of iqbal's Thoughts

9-Rumi's Religious symbolism



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