A Voice From The East ( Poetry of Iqbal )

  • A Voice From The East ( Poetry of Iqbal )
  • Year: 2004
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ISBN : 9693515439

Author :  Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Publisher :  SMP

Year :  2004

Binding : Hard Bound

Language : English  

Description :

A Voice form the East, though brief, but is unique in many respects. Firstly, it was penned by a person who remained close to Iqbal and had an opportunity to observe him closely and to discuss with him the problems of the time, confronting the Indian Muslims. Secondly, it was the first book on Iqbal in English and authored by a man who was in a position to say authoritatively what he meant to say. Thirdly, the English translation of Iqbal’s Persian and Urdu verses was made by Umrao Singh, another friend and admirer of Iqbal and the father of the reputed female artist, Amrita Shergil. These excellent translations have added much to the value of the book.