Beggar's Bowl

  • Beggar's Bowl
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ISBN : 9789699988219

Author : Jiwan Khan

Publisher : Peace Publication

Year : 2016


Chapter 1-A Way Farer's Treasure Trove

Chapter 2-Glimpses of the Messege of the Glorious Quran

Chapter 3-Sufism & Sufis Chapter 4- Commandments of Almighty

Chapter 5- Fundamentals for the Pious People

Chapter 6-Things of Everlasting import

Chapter 7-Wisdom of the West

Chapter 8-Colossus the American Empire

Chapter 9- Glimpses of the Great and Extra Ordinary

Chapter 10-The people of substance

Chapter 11- Snippets from Muslim History

Chapter 12-Orient: Some Similarities, some contrasts.

About the Author. Jiwan khan was born in a family of peasants on 24 March 1941 in Chak No. 170 JB, Tehsil & District Jhang. To his good fortunes, he was sent to school. Since he was good at studies, therefore, his education continued. He did his masters in political science from Punjab University in 1962tought for two years in Government College Jhang and Municipal College Patoki. Then he joined Civil Services of Pakistan and served in East Pakistan, Punjab, Balochistan and Sindh. later on his services were requisitioned by the Federal Government and he served as Secretary Interior and Principal Secretary of the President of Pakistan respectively.

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