Britain, India & Pakistan Partition and after, 1947-51

  • Britain, India & Pakistan Partition and after, 1947-51
  • Year: 2013
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ISBN :  9789694251110

Author : Massarrat Abid

Publisher : Research Society of Pakistan, University of the Punjab.

Pages : 485

Binding : Hard cover

Contents : 

1-A Brief look at the British Muslim Relations 1857-1946

2-The Muslim Demand for Homeland and British Responce Cabinet Mission Plan

3-Disagreement over the Third June Plan

4-Differences over the Joint Governor Generalship of India and Pakistan

5-Dividing the Punjab

6-Communal Riots in the Punjab

7-The Punjab Massacre British Responsibility

8-Retaining India in British Commonwealth Mountbatten's Use of Pakistan Card

9-Finding a solution of Kashmir

10-Meeting the threat of Indo Pakistan War

11-Collaborating in Defence expectations and Disillusionments

12-Constructing Economic Ties British Financial Assistance

13-UK-Pakistan Trade Agreement

14-Dealing with Pak Afghan Disputes


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