The True Subject Selected Poems of Faiz Ahmed Faiz

  • The True Subject Selected Poems of Faiz Ahmed Faiz
  • Year: 2012
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Faiz Ahmed Faiz is considered the most important Urdu poet since Iqbal. His poetry, renowned for its lyric beauty and the warmth of its humanism, is indispensable in the world today. Internationally, Faiz walked a similar poetic path to that of Pablo Neruda, Nazim Hikmet or Cesar Vallejo and did not hesitate to show his commitment to human liberty and equality. Within the Pakistani context it is important to keep Faiz alive as the voice of an embattled people, beset by the forces of bigotry and violence, whose need for a voice such as his is greater than ever.
This was the first book of Faiz�s translations to appear in the United States. The collaboration for these translations began in 1979, when Faiz and Naomi Lazard met at a writers� conference in Honolulu. Lazard quoted a line to Faiz from Robert Graves� The White Goddess, which Graves had received in a letter from the Welsh poet Alun Lewis: �... the true subject of poetry is the loss of the beloved.� Faiz laughed his famous throaty laugh and said that he was the one who gave that particular Sufi teaching to Lewis. They had both been together in Burma during the Second World War where Faiz had served as a Captain in the British Indian Army. This extraordinary coincidence clinched the matter and the collaboration followed. Lazard and Faiz began work the next day and developed their particular method of working, which is discussed at length in the introduction �Translating Faiz� in this book.


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