Mysticism in East and West The Concept of the Unity of Being

  • Mysticism in East and West The Concept of the Unity of Being
  • Year: 2014
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ISBN : 9789695960318

Author : Compiled and Ed by Heike Stamer

Publisher : Multi Media Affairs

Year : 2013

Binding : Hard Cover 

Description : 

This volume contains the proceedings of a symposium held by a group of Muslims and Christians on 20th-21st February 2013 at the Jesuit Centre, “ Loyola Hall” in Lahore, Pakistan. The topic of the symposium was: Mysticism in East and West: The Concept of the Unity of being” and focused on a variety of topics related to Islamic Mysticism, Such as the monistic views of Ibn ‘Arabi and the Criticisms he encountered.This Volumes comprises the 16 research papers-8 of them presented by Muslims and 8 Presented by Christians as well as the main content of the discussions that followed. It was organized by Ms. Heike Stamer who was a scholar at this Jesuit Centre in Lahore between April 2011 and March 2013 engaged in research for a PhD on religious minorities and initiatives for interfaith harmony in Pakistan ( University of Hamberg, Germany, Academy of World Religious). She holds a Masters degree in Oriental Studies (University of Zurich, Switzerland) and an other Master’s in International information Management (University of Hildesheim Germany).

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