A Song of Hyderabad Memories of a World Gone By

  • A Song of Hyderabad Memories of a World Gone By
  • Year: 2010
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This is a remarkably honest and unabashed account of a life that begins during the fading days of the wealthiest of India�s princely states. Bilquis Jehan was born into a family with ties to the court of the Nizam of Hyderabad and enjoyed the luxury of a way of life that no longer exists. Her tale, recounted here with insight and delight, takes us through her childhood and her marriage to her new life in Pakistan as the wife of an executive. Through all the changes, she preserves her heritage in her own way, transmitting it through her books, Mughal Cuisine and Khush Zaiqa, of Mughal and Hyderabadi cuisine. This is also a personal account of her spiritual journey as she opens a window onto a life that incorporates both modernity and religion. Bilquis Jehan�s life mirrors the monumental changes in her time through the quotidian. Her life is described in these pages with candour, and an abiding love for the world she left behind and the new world she grew to love.


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