Challenges of History Writing in South Asia

  • Challenges of History Writing in South Asia
  • Year: 2013
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Edited By Syed Jaffar Ahmed

Publisher : Pakistan Study Center, University of Karachi

Pages : 506

Binding : Hard Cover




Syed Jaffar Ahmed

Mubarak Ali And his work

Syed Jaffar ahmed

Contribution from Pakistan

1 History – The State of the Discipline : an Overview  By sharif al Mujahid

2 The Reconstructing Patriarchies : Nationalism, Religion and Women’s Education By Rubina Saigol

3 Orientalism and Colonial State in Punjab : The New Order of Things By Nadeem Omar Tarar

4 Pakistan’s Intellectual Discourse on the Event of 1971 : Apathy, Blames, and Remorse,

   but not Much objective and Critical Analysis By Syed Jaffar Ahmed

5 Pakistani Baloch Historiography : An Elitist Self – Assertive Discourse By Muhammad Shafique

6 Art and Architecture Education By Pervez Vandal

7 Reconstructing Pakistan Press History : Some Methodological Requisites By Sharif al Mujahid

Contributions from India

8 India Through Indological Prisms Filling – in Some Vopids By Harbans Mukhia

9 Towards a More Capacious and Contradictory History By Gyanendra Pandey

10 Rethinking Mughal India : The Challenge of a Princess’s Memoir By Ruby Lal

11 The study of Sufism in Medieval India : An Overview By Razuddin Aquil

12 Fear, Scarcity and Repression in Kolkata During the First World War By Suchetana Chattopadhyay

13 Two Failed Heroes Understanding Modern South Asia By Sudhir Chandra

Contribution from Beyond South Asia

14 Making Historical Sense of Community ? Reflections on Developments in South Asia

      Pakistan and Sindh by Sarah Ansari

15 Progressives and Perverts Partition Stories and Pakistan ‘s Future Kamran Asdar Ali

16 The May 1998 Nuclear Explosions in South Asia and the Peace Movement in the Diaspora :

      The Role of Intellectuals Ishtiaq Ahmed

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