Sadar Dyal Singh Majithia Businessman, Educationist, Philanthropist

  • Sadar Dyal Singh Majithia Businessman, Educationist, Philanthropist
  • Year: 2011
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ISBN : 978-969-425-103-5

Author : F.M.Bhatti Qalb-i-Abids Massarrat Abid 

Publisher : Research Society of Pakistan 

Year : 2011

Binding : Hard Bound 

Pages :275

Contents : 

1 An Overview of the Indian Sub-Continent

2  The Punjab  Before British Annexation

3 Early Life- Sardar Dyal Singh Majithia

4 British Policy in the Punjab

5 Dyal Singh’ s Visit to Britain and Europe

6 Sardar Dyal Singh Majihtia : A  Shred uinessman

 7 Education Service in India Under  the East India Company  

8 Charles Wood” s Despatch 1854 : Education Policy ofg East India Company

9 Proposals to Establish Universities in India in 1854- Parliamentary enquiry into Indian Affair in 1853

10 Establishment of the Indian University

11 Movement for Unversity in the Punjab

12 Proposal of the Punjab Government

13 Dr. Leitner’ s argument for Oriental Punjab University

14 Sardar Dyal Singh”s Opposition to the Punjab Government’ s Planned University

15 Support from the Indian Association Calcutta

16 Sir Syed Ahmed Khan ‘ s Support for Dyal Singh

17 The Foundation of the University of the Punjab

18 Establishment of the University of the Punjab

19 Founding of the Punjab National Bank

20 Dyal Singh and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’ s Visit to Lahore

21 Dyal Singh and Religion

22 Dyal Sing’ s  “Vidya Daan” Plan for Trust Maintainence

23 Dyal Singh College , Lahore

24 Dyal Singh Research & Cultural Forum Lahore

26 Dewan Anand Kumar- Founder of Dyal Singh Institutions in India

27 Dyal Singh College, Karnal

28 Dyal Singh Public School, Karnal

29 Dyal Singh College, New Delhi

30 Dyal Singh Public Library, Delhi

31 Conclusion